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There is something in the soul of mankind that delights in singing in harmony.

For many men (and women) this reaches its most stirring and spine tingling climax with the sound of a Welsh male voice choir. For many the pleasure of singing is limited to inexpert renderings now and then at football matches, pubs, or in the bathroom. Members of a male voice choir get the pleasure of professionally guided singing in harmony, with the added bonus of training and a wide repertoire of songs.

Brighton Welsh Male Voice Choir offers the opportunity to delight in singing;  give pleasure to others;  to see joy and happiness spread over a sea of faces;  to receive rapturous applause and calls for encores (well sometimes).  We offer the nerve jangling thrill of performing in front of large audiences;  the feel good factor of knowing that proceeds from the concerts are helping fund charities;  the opportunity to listen to young soloist musicians; all this as welcome and wanted guests.  These are experiences not available to everyone.

Wherever the choir goes members are among a brotherhood of friends. Being a member of a male voice choir gives the opportunity for further self development, a social reason for getting out on a regular basis, with real purpose and achievable goals.

Brighton Welsh Male Voice Choir was formed in 1978 with three aims and purposes:

  • To provide a social atmosphere in which those who enjoy the tradition of Welsh male voice singing, could join together to indulge their enthusiasm.
  • To entertain those who enjoy listening to male voice choir music.
  • Through the above, to support local organisations and charities in their fund raising. To this end the Choir has been granted Registered Charity status.

For many years since 1978, we have helped numerous charities and other worthy organisations in fund raising. We have had the privilege of performing in many venues including the Royal Albert Hall, and we have entertained national party political conferences in Brighton. Most concerts however, are given for local charities in churches and community halls.